Teaching Entrepreneurial Thinking

Why we need your help.

We are launching this new site and would like your help to bring this free and open platform to the next level. We hope to engage our students and our peers in order to gain feedback to improve this platform. Currently, our course contains:







in-class experiential exercises 




assignments and rubrics 




modules of PowerPoints and readings



Are you interested in helping us? We simply ask that you remember our goal: to develop the competencies of entrepreneurial thinking in all students, so they can apply these skills in any passion they have. No matter what career our students pursue, they will deal with uncertainty, risk, limited resources, and will be required to solve problems. From working within politics, to policy creation in health care or forest fire prevention methods, we all need to become better and faster at solving our world’s wicked problems.




Student Achievements

The winning team of the 2017 RBC Fast pitch Competition – CareFind. Erica and Kathy have gone on to successfully start their company. Both students did NOT identify as entrepreneurial, rather were majors in Accounting and Human Resources.




The winning team from 2017