Teaching Entrepreneurial Thinking

Our Purpose

We have created this Open Educational Resource to allow all students, no matter what your career aspirations, to develop Entrepreneurial Thinking skills. We believe that our society can accelerate developing solutions to wicked problems through developing seven skills that are traditionally identified as entrepreneurial.

What is Entrepreneurial Thinking?

Entrepreneurs are characterized by their ability to find creative and innovative solutions to problems within our society. Our teaching and learning materials help students develop seven key competencies: Problem solving, comfort with uncertainty, failing forward, empathy, creativity, responding to feedback, and approach to teamwork.

Why Failing Forward?

We believe that ALL students, no matter what their academic focus is, should develop these competencies – not be only students who self select or are motivated to become entrepreneurs. This Open Educational Resource is the result of 5 years of teaching a mandatory course to second year undergraduates at a business school. The course is designed for large scale classrooms: 75 to 100 students per lecture, 12 sections a year. To date, we have had over 3000 students proceed with this teaching method.

ENTI 317 Course Video Preview

Are you interested in helping us?

We simply ask that you remember our goal: to develop the competencies of entrepreneurial thinking in all students, so they can apply these skills in any passion they have.

No matter what career our students pursue, they will deal with uncertainty, risk, limited resources, and will be required to solve problems. From working within politics, to policy creation in health care or forest fire prevention methods, we all need to become better and faster at solving our world’s wicked problems.

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